Welcome to the trial version of meeting point for crypto fans.


Even if for some reason you haven't registered an account on the cryptocurrency exchange, you still have the possibility to participate in the crypto revolution. We created this place to allow contact between the buyers and sellers, peer-to-peer.

Thanks to the Revolut startup the payment method ensures no costs and instant FIAT transfers in your national currency.


0% spread. Buy and sell price is the same amount. We suggest an average price from Coinpaprika...

We are also available on facebook group named without.exchange

Three steps to the sucsessfull transaction.

Download the application and open an account at Revolut on your mobile phone.







Sign in to Facebook group


and post your request (which currency you want to buy/sell, quantity, price and deadline).

Wait for counterparty. Pay for crypto instant with Revolut.

Split transactions into small portions and

buy/sell in batches for security reasons.

You can also trade crypto to crypto.

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Payment method:

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